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U.S. Premium Domain Services (www.uspremium.us) manages one of the largest and most valuable domain banks in existence. Our inventory includes bargain domain names as well as full-fledged shopping domains, developed business plans, and websites. We maintain over 700 top premium domains such as Will You Marry Me. Our expert, experienced agents are responsible for an extremely valuable domain and Internet content inventory.

U.S. Premium does not charge full market value for domain names. We respect your interest in each domain name, regardless of the size of your offer. We are happy to negotiate the lowest possible price between you and the original owner of the domain. Although registration may be held in our name or under one of our agent's names, we primarily function only as a domain reseller on behalf of the original domain owner. Domain owners who are unwilling to sell at a reasonable price will be blocked from future registrations and their domains may be deleted from our inventory.

Benefits of Buying Domains from U.S. Premium Domain Services

We offer a large variety of premium domains at affordable prices from $70 and up. Our loyalty and dedication is unmatched in the domain industry. In addition to a top quality product, we offer our customers six unbeatable features.

  1. Instant domain transfer process—as soon as you click "Buy," your name is on the domain
  2. Free account with our preferred domain registry, 1&1 Internet
  3. Future registrations are only $8.99 per year
  4. Obtaining ownership is as easy as typing in a password
  5. No more jumping through the hoops of registration and transfer rules
  6. Free one year added to all domains purchased

All our domains are wonderful—shopping, clothing, teens, technology, computers, young, and old! Start now by looking at our list of Top Premium Domains!

For purchasing information on a U.S. Premium Domain Name, contact the domain agent listed at the domain itself, or send an email to domains at uspremium dot us. Be sure to mention the name of the domain in your email.

Successful Domain Investments

Domains are a solid and extremely valuable investment. Often a domain purchased for $10,000, $5,000, $1,000, or even less, can be resold for more than one hundred times its initial purchase price.

Even better, domains are an incredible business tool, effective in marketing your brand, spurring economic growth, attracting new business, and generating revenue from advertisements.

The owner of Forth Worth's Bice's Florist, Keith Riewe, said the company is buying up domain names as part of its strategy to drive more customers to their site and boost e-commerce sales. By purchasing 35 to 40 domain names such as eflowersite.com, nationalfloraldelivery.com and blossomlink.com, Riewe said Bice's has increased traffic by over 30,000 monthly visistors and increased annual sales by $200,000.

The first rule of all successful domain investing is to buy the domain as soon as you see it offered for sale. Afterwards, the price of a quality domain name only goes up. U.S. Premium is a domain name reseller, and does not charge full market value for domain names.

For a list of the most successful domain investments, click here to see the complete list of sold domain names ranked from highest to lowest.

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